Product Detail
HS-C3000 Plus Digital Frequency Counter
Model: C3000 Plus
Original: 0.00


1.8 bit LCD display

2. Multi-functional navigation key operation and the function mode is optional

3.This machine can measure the frequency of any digital and analog signal

4.20 extrasensory synchronous RF signal strength indicator , sound and light vibrate silent alarm is optional

5.Squelch adjustment

6.2 hour Low-power lithium battery

7.High, medium and low battery LCD display

8.LED charge status indicator

9.Configured with full-band antenna and charging adapter

Product details

Anti-Stealing Recorded Wireless Handheld Device

C3000 Plus is a professional anti-stealing recorded wireless handheld device. It can monitor and identify all wireless videotaping equipment that indoor and in-car quickly and efficiently , no matter how those videotaping equipments to camouflage themselves as anything(clothes,buttons, bags, mugs,books, etc.), even if the device hidden in the couch, on the ceiling and cement wall, they would be located accurately.

C3000 Plus can switch cell phone signal test mode to search the signal only through the multifunction key; another test mode is broadband model which can test 0-10GMHz wireless signals;10-3000MHz wireless signal can search record frequency mode. It can measure the frequency of any digital, switches and analog signals, such as mobile phone, wireless remote control, digital radio, car key, intercom, 1.2G/2.4G wireless camera, wireless microphone, WIFI, WMAX and so on. Easy to operate, LCD screen display.

C3000 Plus with built-in lithium battery. The intelligent charging system makes battery in the best performance. Design of aircraft-grade aluminum casing, ensuring high performance and durability of the equipment. Machine and accessories are integrated into military-grade carrying cases which can protect equipment, it also very easy to carry.

Record frequency Mode Specification:

Resolution: 10 KHz ( digital signal ) 1 KHz ( analog signal )

Impedance: 50 Ohms (MCX connector )

Frequency range: 10 MHz - 3 GHz

Sensitivity: -35 dBm Maximum Input: 15 dBm

Cellphone signal Mode Specification:

Impedance: 50 Ohms (MCX connector )

Frequency range:


LTE 700 CDMA 800 GSM1900 CDMA2000 LTE2300 WIFI 2400


LTE 800 GSM900 GSM1800 WCDMA2000 LTE2600 WIFI 2400

Sensitivity: -60 dBm Maximum Input: 15 dBm

Broadband Wirless Signal Mode Specification:

Detection Frequency: 0-10GHz

Detection sensitivity: -65dBm

Audible alarm and mute function