Product Detail
GR Style EOD Bomb Suit
Original: 0.00

Explosion-proof parameters(1.1g Fragment):

1.Helmet Protection   V50:736m/s   
2.Helmet with Visor Protection V50:771m/s   
3.Chestplate (with protective plate)   V50: 1600m/s
4.Arm V50: 609m/s
5. Leg V50: 609m/s

Explanation of each part:
Helmet and mask: Connect with the high collar of eod suit.
Jacket :Provides front, rear, side, shoulder and neck protection.
Optional protection board:There is a pocket on the chest that can be inserted into the reinfor ced protection board and add protective plate.
Arm:Adjustable sleeves, separated from the jacket, allowing easy movement.
Trousers:Provides maximum protection to the legs and allows them to move freely.
Material: aramid
Insert: aramid woven fabric