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AT Electronic Audio Detector/Portable multifunction searching device for IED identification
AT Electronic Audio Detector/Portable multifunction searching device for IED identification
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AT electronic audio detector is a kind of professional audio equipment which uses radio frequency technology to detect suspi-cious mechanical displacement device in target area. The electronic audio detector can detect the electronic pointer timing detonat-ing device and mechanical timing detonating device hidden under various packaging coverings. Electronic detonating device includes timing detonating device made of electronic watch, pager and various remote control devices. The electronic audio detector supports local and remote listening functions, and can cooperate with UAV and robot to realize remote control and distortion free listening function, which is convenient for the investigation of remote operation of explosive initiation device in the scene of security inspection and explosive disposal. At the same time, the electronic audio detector can also be used as a security technology equip-ment for anti reconnaissance, which can be used to detect electronic eavesdropping devices and hidden video devices. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, long detec-tion distance, strong ability to penetrate the packaging cover, and easy to carry and use.

Product Highlights

◎High positioning accuracy: the product adopts radio frequency audio detection technology, with the characteristics of high-precision positioning.

Long range listening without distortion: it supports remote undistorted listening with UAV and robot.

Low noise: adopt built-in nondestructive sound detection technolo-gy and noise cancellation technology to restore the original sound realistically.

◎Human computer interaction intuitive: LCD display sound waveform, support scanning speed four adjustable.

◎Ready to use: easy to operate and available after startup.

Long standby time: low power consumption, device support 20 hours of long-time work.

High reliability: support IP67 protection level .

◎Harmless to people: the detector meets the requirements by HJ/T10.2 Guidelines for Radiation Environmental Protection; and it is totally harmless to human body.