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Mine boots/Explosion-proof and Mine celarance Boots
Mine boots/Explosion-proof and Mine celarance Boots
Model: 07
Original: 0.00


Quality: single and double quality ≤3kg.

Material:first layer cowhide,rubber sole.

According to the principles of explosionmechanics,material mechanics,and biomedical engineering, anti-terrorismanti-explosion and anti-thunder boots are designed with a mid-high waist, andthe boot upper is full grain front leather.The interlayer is an ultra-highpolymer fiber membrane as a protective layer, which can block and separate theimpact of detonation waves. The O/S is black rubber outsole, withexplosion-proof steel sheet inside,followed by aluminum explosion-proof layer,latex buffer sponge, Kevlar protective layer, high-strength fibermembrane,composite boot pad. Using a unique shock-absorbing buffer structure,Byorganic combination, so that it not only has the direct role of blocking anddecomposing detonation shock waves, but also has a superior shock-absorbingbuffer function.

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