Product Detail
NLJD Non-linear junction detector 802
Model: NLJD-802
Original: 0.00

Made in China


NLJD-802 is a miniaturized non-linear junction detector. It can detect electronic devices hidden in walls, floors, ceilings, lamps, furniture or containers, whether they are transmitting signals or switching on or off, and alarm them by display, sound and vibration, so that the detectors can find the target equipment for protecting organizations and individuals Private information.

Application scenarios:

It can be widely used in government, public security, prison, justice, army, education examination, business security and personal privacy protection, etc.

ØBusiness Safety:Detecting unauthorized electronic devices, such as eavesdroppers, mobile phones and devices with SIM cards, hidden in company board rooms or secret offices;

ØPublic Safety:Detecting electronic devices hidden or prohibited from use in safe areas, such as detonating devices, remote controllers, etc.

ØPersonal Privacy Protection:Hidden cameras and surveillance devices such as recording pens, cameras, etc. in residential buildings and hotels.

Competitive advantages

ØCompact size;

ØAutomatic and manual power output control;

ØLow probability of false alarms;

ØSimple and intuitive OLED visual graphical interface

ØHigh sensitivity;

ØVery low weight 0,52kg;

ØLong operation time 4h;



Technical index

Product working frequency band


Frequency range

2.404 GHz - 2.472 GHz

Receiving 2nd~3rd Harmonic Range

4.808 GHz-4.944 GHz,
7.212 GHz-7.416 GHz

Pulse mode transmit power (maximum)


Receiving sensitivity

Less than -125dBm

Receiving dynamic adjustable range


Battery Working Time in Maximum Power Pulse Mode


Battery type

Replaceable lithium battery

Charging time

Fast charging 3H

Interactive interface

LCD Display Receiving Harmonic Signal Intensity

Audio prompts are supported and headphones can be connected.

Supporting Vibration Tips

Detection distance

GPS Module: 40-50cm;

Mobile Phone: 15-22cm

Sim Card: 8-9,5cm

Product weight


Working temperature

-20 to 55

Working humidity

Less than 93%, no condensate

Product size

(370mm x 96mm x 38.5mm)±5mm

Transit case size

(355mm x 295mm x 165mm)±10mm

*Product specifications and descriptions subject to change without notice.