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Pro Extreme LaserScan Hidden Camera Detector/Locator
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This pro LaserScan Hidden Camera Locator / Detector uses military radar principle,; utilizes the latest advance in optics light source and electronics. It can detect any CCD or CMS camera regardless their transmission and recording types. It can even detect camera at turn off state, as long as the camera’s 4X adjustable optical glass Lens is exposed. An integrated telescope helps ease the detection. Depends on background lighting, it typically can detect hidden camera up to 50 ft away. This Pro LaserScan Hidden Camera Locator / Detector is truly a professional security product. A“ must have” tool for your privacy protection.


Detection Range:
Optical Lens size: > 0.4mm
Distance: 0.5 - 30 meter a radius in day light;
>50 meter at night condition
View Angle: +/- 4 degree
Locator: Dual High Power Red Laser Frequency LEDs
View Port: 4X Adjustable Optical Glass Lens
Focus range: 0.5 ~ ∞
Power: 1.5 Volts. AAA battery x 4 pcs
Dimension: 100 x 52 x 33 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 150g