Product Detail
Ultrasonic iPhone Jammer
Model: S-VIP-11
Original: 0.00

Advantages and functional features

  • concealed  carrying. Our jammer of recording devices U11 looks like as an ordinary folder for papers and not attract much attention either in the office or on the street.

  • the device works secretly. Ultrasonic interference, generated by the iPhone Jammer U11, can not be heard, because the frequency of the ultrasonic noise is above the human hearing.

  • comfortable conversation. Our ultrasonic jammer does not creates obstacles to the conversation by blocking the recording devices with using ultrasonic suppression in silent mode.

  • blocking of various devices with microphones regardless of their type: voice recorders built-in smartphones, digital voice recorders, wired and wireless microphones, eavesdropping devices, professional "bugs."

  • compact size. Ultrasonic iPhone Jammer U11 has small size and light weight, so it can be carried wherever you may need protection from unauthorized recording or eavesdropping.

  • autonomous operation. Our ultrasonic jammer is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. So you always can to turn on the U11 and protect yourself from listening and recording not only indoors, but also on the streets or in places where the electric power is not accessible. Large capacity internal battery ensures autonomous operation of the ultrasonic suppressor for several hours.

  • remote control. Allows you to secretly turn on and turn off the device, as well as to monitor the level of built-in battery.

  • 5 ultrasonic speakers provide high efficiency and long-range distance of noiseless suppression.

  • safety of using. Because of low power ultrasound radiation, suppressor of recording devices U11 is completely safe to operate in the workplace. It allows without breaking the conditions of work, to use it for protection against the audio recording in jobs, study, office. Also the device is not heated and does not emit any electromagnetic.


Distance of suppression
1,5 - 6 meters
Suppression beamwidth horizontal80°
Suppression beamwidth vertical80°
Type of the interferenceultrasound (noiseless)
Frequency of the interference24 kHz ÷ 26 kHz
Output Sound Pressure≤120dB
Number of speakers5
Operation time~5 hours
Power Supply:Internal Li-Pol Battery
Charger:110-240VAC / 9VDC, 1.5A
Charging time:~60 min
Remote control rangeup to 5 meters
Dimensions:310 x 220 x 40 mm
Operating temperature range+5°C ~ +55°C