Product Detail
NR-900EK3M Non-linear junction detector
NR-900EK3M Non-linear junction detector
Model: NR-900EK3M
Original: 0.00


• communicational transmitters & receivers as well as alarm and remote control system facilities;

• electronic and electromechanical timers;

• acoustic, magnetic, optoelectronic sensors and midget TV cameras;

• built-in metal-ware  as well as hidden machinery and appliances;

• domestic electronic units and alpine skiing in snow traps.


• roads, terrain and objects inspection for mines, improvised explosive devices (IED) and other explosive appliances with electronic components

• searching for hidden caches with weapons, ammunition, explosive devices and communication facilities

• questioned items investigation, searching  for subversive and terrorist devices and arrangements


√ extended detection range

√ electronic facilities localization in any operational mode: active, ‘stand-by’ or even switched off  installed behind walls, fences, etc.

√ equipment design allows its usage in tactical airborne missions

√ efficient use in search/reconnaissance missions

√ high searching rate

√ safe to handle, user-friendly design

√ extended continuous operational time without battery replacement

√  long-term operation facility in field conditions

Technical information

Probing signalPulse
Receiver 2-channel (2nd and 3rd harmonic)
Output power (average / peak)     0.15W / 200W
- visual LED-display
- audio   headphones
Power supply Ni-Cad battery, 6V/7Ah
Start-up time not more than 5min
Continuous operation time with one fresh battery (under normal environmental condition)not less than 8h
Operation temperature range -30ºC…+50ºC
Weight (ready for operation/in standard packing) 5.1kg/12.0kg