Product Detail
NR-900EMS non-linear junction detector
NR-900EMS non-linear junction detector
Model: NR-900EMS
Original: 0.00

Product Description

The NLJD’s high power potential allows operator to use it for localization of electronic devices containing semiconductor components, such as mobile phones, electronic devices of information interception, audio and video recording, as well as distant IED detection with RC and electronic timers installed.

High power potential of the detector (ratio of transmitter power to receiver sensitivity – 173 dB) enables effective detection of electronic devices, hidden inside massive walls, including made of ferroconcrete, as well as detection of eavesdropping devices behind metal reinforcing net.

Broad tuning facilities, high power potential, outstanding noise immunity, in particular to whatever cell phone signals – all that makes it possible to efficiently operate in complicated conditions.


√ the last representative of the famous NR-900 NLJD family

√ unbeaten power potential budget – 173dB, extended tuning facilities, outstanding noise immunity, in particular to whatever cellular communication signals – all that ensure it’s high efficiency in any operating conditions

√ easy-to-use, up-to-date ergonomic design, high quality reliable units and components

Technical information

Output power
- pulse / averagenot less than 180W / 0.2W
- envelope separation mode (20K)not less than 30W
Probing signal power attenuation8dB, one stage
Receiver sensitivity(under 6dB signal/noise ratio)not worse than -150dBW(-120dBm)
Input signal attenuation10dB x 5 steps
Antenna, polarizationdirectional, circular
audio  headphones
visual4-line LCD
Target localization accuracynot less than 0.1m
Power supplybuilt-in Li-Ion battery
Continuous operational timenot less than 4h
Weight (ready for operation / in standard packing)3.7kg/9kg