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Cell phone detector Made in China
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  • high sensitivityaccuratedetect person carry mobile phones

  • cost-effective: compared with similar products price is low

  • the operation is simple: design is simple and practical, easy toget started

  • there is no harm to human body: the passive passive detectionway, no harm to human body

  • warranty: guaranteed product quality, factory completeafter-sale service system

Productfunction introduction

  • body detection

The detectable range is from the head to thefoot, which can be detected from all parts of the body.

The system uses the enhanced micro markidentification probe,uses highly sensitive sensors to detect both the lateraland longitudinal directions of the human body.And in the region suggest thatmarked the approximate position of the human body where the contraband.Simplify the work of the on duty personnel.

  • can detect all status phones

Using thecomprehensive contrast of big data, the whole state detection and recognitionof mobile phone is realized.

The detector can detect the phone (whetherit's on standby, shutdown, starting up, removing the battery, removing the SIMcard, etc.).

  • sound and vibration two modes alarm prompt

The mobile phone detector has two modes:voice alarm and vibration alarm.

One key toggle

  • high precision and low accuracy of two detection modes

Cell phone detectors are divided into highaccuracy and low precision. Cell phone detectors are divided into high accuracyand low precision.


precision detection doesn't need to beclose to the body to detect suspicious objects such as cell phones. Lowprecision detection requires handheld handset detectors press close to the bodyto detect.

Similar product comparison


Cell phone   detector

Hand-held   metal detectors

Product   features

Only to   the mobile phone will make alarm prompt, to carry the small bunch of keys,   belts, COINS, metal buttons on the clothes and other products will not alarm   prompt

All metal   products will alert the alarm

False   alarm products

Cigarette   case, big string keys, large area metal

All metal   products will alert the alarm

Technical   principle

Micro   residual exploration technology

Electromagnetic   probing technique

Product specification

Sounding hint: sound / vibration

Detectable range: 3CM

Detectable frequency: 13KHz

Detectable items: mobile phones

Battery: 9V battery

Product size: 410*80*40mm

Product weight: 410 grams


  1. install the battery before the use of mobilephone detector, do a good job debugging, to ensure that the mobile phonedetector is in normal working condition.

  2. The testing personnel need to take out theitems in the pocket of underwear before testing, put them in the test basket inthe designated position, and wait for the staff to check the articles.

  3. The testing personnel to stand in thedesignated position, limbs open, staff need to use mobile phone detector to betested personnel of the staff body and dawdle of each parts of the body, makesure by testing personnel of each part of the body were detected.

  4. Check the order should be from front to back,from top to bottom, check parts including the head, torso and limbs (foot), inparticular to strengthen the armpit, waist and leg and pocket might be in thecommunications tools such as local all aspects of inspection.

  5. First of all, the scanning detection to thefront of the human body, the phone detector from tested body right shoulder,scan down the right ankle, then moved to the left ankle, then scan upwards tothe left shoulder.

  6. Then, scanning the back of the human body isdetected, the first from the beginning of human hindbrain is detected along theexternal contour of the body scan for a week, thenafter the central line back down scan.

  7. Finally, the probe scans the foot and ankleof the person being detected.

  8. If thealarm sounds appear in the inspection process, showthe relevant items,and check the originalinspection area again, then make sure thatthe items can not enter the area after being banned.

  9. During the detection process, if the detectedperson refuses to show suspicious items, the staff should prevent them fromentering the classified area